A modern teak vanity and head-to-toe tiles helps give this family bathroom its clean and contemporary feel.

Bright and spacious were Erin and Bill Klein’s most important requirements for the overhaul of their family bathroom, part of a whole-house renovation led by Yannick Laurin of La Shed Architecture. The tiny windowless space on the second floor of their early-1900s Montreal duplex was enlarged to accommodate a bathtub, vanity and walk-in shower, which boasts a back wall topped with glass to let light flow in. Yannick delivered a look that blends contemporary styling and timeless appeal, a perfect complement to the rest of the house.



The homeowners instantly fell in love with this mid-Century modern teak sideboard and wanted to use it for their bathroom. So architect Yannick Laurin transformed it into a vanity by adding a Corian sink. “To avoid detracting from the basin’s clean lines, we opted for a sleek wall-mounted faucet,” says Yannick. The furniture piece adds warmth to the entirely tiled space, while the custom five-door mirrored medicine cabinet visually expands the room and provides plenty of storage.



The shower area was built without a partition to increase the feeling of openness.

The dark bathroom was transformed into a light-filled space by inserting glass into the top two feet of the nine-foot-high shower wall, which is shared with the bright family room. the tiled floor extends into the walk-in showerfor a seamless look, and the metal shelf provides handy shower storage.



The square wall tiles that surround the bathroom exude a retro vibe, an aesthetic these homeowners love.

The simple four-inch-square white porcelain wall tiles – arranged in an offset brick pattern and grouted with grey – contrast beautifully with the small-scale black floor tiles, creating a sleek backdrop for the room’s showpiece: the timeless vanity. Under-floor heating, an unseen yet much-appreciated feature, keeps things cozy any time of the year.

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