DIY Beeswax Birthday Candles for Beginners

A set of handmade beeswax birthday candles is the perfect touch to a heartfelt celebration, and they’re easy to make, too. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make simple, beginner-friendly wax-dipped candles without any added coloring. You’ll need a stovetop for this project – roll up your sleeves, and let’s get started.

You will need

You might already have

Tin can (height of can will determine the height of your candles)
Large container (we used a large glass jar)

Step 1: Melt wax

Before you begin working with wax, protect your work surface with newspaper or parchment paper. Fill your tin can with wax pellets. Place in pot of water and bring to a boil. Add more wax pellets as the wax starts to melt. Continue adding pellets until melted wax reaches the top of the can.

Step 2: Cut wicks

While wax is melting, cut 12 in. / 5 cm. of wick. Each 12 in. / 5 cm. wick will become two candles; cut as many lengths as desired.

Step 3: Tie two washers on each end of wick

Next, take four washers and tie two on each end of a 12 in. / 5 cm. wick. This will help weigh down the bare wick, making it easier to dip in the hot wax. Continue adding 4 washers (2 on each end of the wick) until all of your wicks are ready to dip.

Step 4: Prepare your candle-making station

Once wax has melted, reduce heat. To prepare your candle-making station, fill a large container (we used a glass jar) with cold water and set near the stove. Now you’re ready to begin making your candles.

Step 5: Place wick on wooden craft stick

Place center of prepared wick on the tip of a large craft stick, so stick is flat on top and the washers hang evenly on both sides. Place your finger over the string on the stick to secure wick in place.

Step 6: Dip into wax, dip into water; repeat

Lower the stick into the wax until washers hit the bottom of the can. Quickly lift up out of the can and dip into container of cold water.

Continue going back and forth between hot wax and cold water, about 4 times. Tip: When coating candle with wax, be mindful not to leave it in too long! If you do, the wax will re-melt and you’ll have to start all over again.

Step 7: Trim off washers

Once your wick is coated in wax, it will be heavy enough to dip without washers. Trim away washers with scissors. Tip: Re-use the wax from your wax-coated washers by peeling it off and removing the wick pieces. Then, simply add to your wax jar to melt down.

Step 8: Continue dipping

Continue the dipping process until you reach your desired candle thickness. (We dipped our candles another 8-10 times.)

Step 9: Let harden and trim

Once you reach desired thickness, remove wicks from stick and drape over a dowel to harden. Cut wicks and you’re ready to party.

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