Executive editor Suzanne Moutis loves great organizing ideas. Here, she shares innovative solutions for storing your stuff.

This kitchen’s country aethestic naturally lends itself to an easy, casual informality that’s reflected in its organizing strategies – no fuss, no muss, just pure, pretty practicality.


1 Glass-fronted cabinetry gives a sneak peek at the delicate glassware inside while keeping it safe from breakage and dust.

2 Open shelving smartly fills in the empty space on each side of the range hood, and offers access to everyday crockery and oft-used serving pieces.

3 Designating a spot beside the range for essential cooks’ tools means they’re always within reach. A ladle here, a sprig of parsley there and just the right amount of flour or salt equals perfect meals every time.

4 An out-of-the-way corner in the kitchen island could have become simply dead space, but in this kitchen it’s turned into a cubby with shelves to hold both prized cookbooks and other essentials.

5 Pot drawers are a must in today’s kitchens, no matter what the style. Their deep configuration makes them ideal for storing everything from the aforementioned pots and pans to large bags of flour, mixing bowls, oversized serveware and more.

TIP: When you’ve got the luxury of having as much space as this kitchen, it’s great to take advantage and design an island that accommodates stools so you can be connected to the kids or company while you’re cooking.

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