When temperatures start to get warmer and spring slowly settles in, the perfect way to leave winter behind is to freshen up your home decor using softer hues. Using inexpensive mason jars, we’ve put together three easy ways to liven up your dining table in minutes. The versatility of mason jars makes them an essential for budget-friendly decorating: you can use them for freshly picked blooms, to add lighting inside of the glass to create an intimate setting or use them to hold your favourite spring drinks.

3-spring-tabletop-ideas1.jpgMason jars used as vases
Mason jars make the perfect vases for any tabletop. Regular mason jars have just the right height to ensure that guests will enjoy the pretty decor without finding it cumbersome for easy dinner conversation. These have simply been filled with water and adorned with a rose bouquet. A simple ribbon tied around the stems also adds a pretty touch. For a unified look, display several of these on your table, or mix-and-match with a variety of coloured roses.

Filling mason jars with lemonade
Spring entertaining is all about celebrating fresh produce and making the most of nature’s bounty. A cool glass of lemonade is the perfect way to embrace the season. Add a few fresh meyer lemon slices and some coarsely chopped mint to finish off the drink. You can use these as you would glasses, by adding a pretty straw in each jar. For a little more colour and flavour, try adding a few fresh berries.





3-spring-tabletop-ideas2.jpgPretty tea lights
These mason jars are decorated using patterned pastel fabric samples. Simply cut a rectangle of fabric and wrap around the jar. Secure with a little bit of fabric glue and tie a pretty ribbon around it. For a shabby chic inspired look, use different pieces of fabric for each jar and display across the dining table as a runner. You can even use extra pieces of fabric as beautifully rustic napkins. Once the jars are finished, fill with water and top with a tea light. For evening entertaining, the lit mason jars will help create an intimate dinner party atmosphere.

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