Spring is in the air and company’s coming. Skip the standard (and short-lived) cut floral arrangement and opt for a look-at-me planted centrepiece to brighten up your dining table. One of the prettiest and simplest ways to celebrate the season is with a large container of fresh blooms in an appealing mix of pastel hues. Combine a cluster of hydrangeas with several tulips and calla lilies surrounded by moss. The best part? No green thumb required!

Fresh blooms needed:

  • Ivory Tulips, Six 4-inch pots
  • Blue Hydrangeas, One 6-inch pot
  • Ivory Calla Lilies, Four 4-inch pots
  • Natural Midelino sticks, 1 pkg
  • Green preserved Spanish Moss, 1 pkg

How to make the centerpiece:

Shop for three or four varieties of spring annuals or bulbs. Try our mix or change it up with your favourites.

2 Fill a 12-inch-wide urn almost to the top with potting mix. If your container doesn’t have drainage holes, add a layer of stones to the bottom.

3 Start with the tallest fresh blooms in the centre (here, we used hydrangeas) and then add the others around the edge, alternating varieties if you’re using more than one (here, we chose tulips and calla lilies).

4 Insert four bundles of midelino sticks into the urn at opposite corners and secure at the top with wired wool.

5 Fill in the gaps between the stems with fresh or preserved moss and water well. Place in the centre of your table.

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