Sometimes a lot of one thing is particularly pleasing. Limiting your selections to one colour family (in this case, purple ranging from light violet tones to deep crimson shades) and choosing a larger quantity of fewer plant varieties (like petunias) often delivers more bang for your buck.

The almost monochromatic palette of the smaller container layers several shades of purple together. Sticking to one hue creates harmony, graphic impact and a unified look. The same principle can be applied to outdoor furniture and accessories.

how-to-perfect-flowers.jpg Colourful plant list
 Confetti Garden Purple Cleopatra mix, one 8-inch pot.
2 Dreams Day Dreams Mix petunias, one 6-inch pot.
3 Sunsatia Cran Berry Nemesia, one 4-inch
The perfect planter

Step 1
 Select a garden container with adequate drainage holes and cover with a piece of landscape fabric (available at your local garden centre) to prevent the soil from washing out of the bottom.

Step 2 Partly fill your container with an all-purpose potting mix that already contains fertilizer.

Step 3 Start with the Confetti Garden Purple Cleopatra mix and place on the left side of the container. Adjust the soil height so the tops of the root balls are just below the rim. Set the petunias and nemesia in the centre. Add soil as needed, firming it around the root balls.

Step 4 Water your container garden on a regular basis and place in a location that gets plenty of sun.

Tip: Use a hanging basket instead of individual plants to create your container.

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