The Cabin, the Myth, the Legend: A King Arthur-Inspired Tiny Home

Legend tells of a cave that once sheltered King Arthur and his knights while traveling — a cave that, having once been discovered, could never be found again. Inspired by the legend, the designers at Miller Kendrick Architects created a tiny, cave-like house, now available to rent in the Welsh countryside. Spending the night there is, we imagine, a legendary experience. You might not be able to go back — the cabin is only available over the course of this summer — but you will likely never forget.

A rendering of the cabin, submitted by the architects for the competition.

(Image credit: Miller Kendrick Architects via Dwell)

Earlier this year, Epic Retreats hosted a design competition, encouraging architects around the world to submit designs for tiny cabins to serve as part of a pop-up hotel celebrating the mythology and traditions of Wales. The eight winning designs, including Arthur’s Cabin, have now been made reality at two locations in North Wales: a private beach on the Llŷn Peninsula, and the foothills of the Cadair Idris mountain in Southern Snowdonia. (Yes, Snowdonia is a real place, and it is remote and it is gorgeous.)

(Image credit: Epic Retreats)

The cabin is composed of undulating ribs, sheathed in plywood and covered in locally-sourced larch boards, stained black. Wool sourced from local sheep provides the insulation (an important consideration even in summertime).

Each rib is made of between three and five sheets of plywood, and all the finishes on the inside of the cabin are made from the same material, which enhances the cavelike feel. Looking towards the front of the cabin from the security of the bed, the space feels almost womblike (or perhaps like one of those slot canyons in the American southwest).

(Image credit: Epic Retreats)

The cabin, although not large at all, is a sweet little retreat, with a wood stove for chilly nights, a bed that sleeps two, and a bathroom, which includes a sink made from the same plywood as the rest of the interior.

To see more of the cabin, check out the full story at Dwell. And if you’d like to experience it for yourself, check out the accommodation page on Epic Retreats, where the cabin is available for the rest of the summer, sure to be the starting point of a vacation you’ll never forget.

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