Is Your Own Car or The Vehicles In Your Family at High Risk To Be Stolen?

The Statistics Are Pretty Disturbing… 

Out of all the items stolen on an average day, auto theft of cars is one of the most common.

In fact, according to the Federal Police, a motor vehicle is stolen in Australia every 9 minutes. This means that every single year, there are literally several hundreds of thousands of motor vehicle thefts.

Criminals are always coming up with new methods, tactics and creative means to steal cars of all types and models. This is occurring in the smallest of towns as well, not just big cities.

Every 9 minutes a car is stolen
Every 9 minutes a car is stolen in Australia

Thieves are finding new ways to acquire “Smart” keys, which allow them to steal cars without the typical method of hot-wiring. They also are switching VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers) and even using stolen identities to lock-in secure loans for more expensive vehicles. This puts most people just like yourself at risk.

Here are a few more interesting statistics that you may also want to be aware of as well…

  • 47% of people do not always park in well-lit areas
  • 40% of people don’t hide important valuables that are inside their cars
  • 1/3 of people leave their car, while it is still running

Bottomline: It’s important to not only make sure you always keep your car locked, but to also always park in well-lit, populated areas, and always keep your valuables either hidden in your car, or not in your car at all.

But even though you can take all the right precautions to ensure your car or any vehicle in your family gets stolen, it can still happen in a blink of an eye.

So what can you do IF your car does get stolen, to ensure that you are able to quickly LOCATE where it is?

This is one of the biggest problems that law enforcement runs into when a car or vehicle does get stolen. It’s locating it quickly before the car is either damaged or resold for parts.

Luckily, now there’s a ‘little tracking device’ that you can use to
easily track your own car (and even the cars in your family) even if
they do happen to get stolen giving you greater peace of mind…


Meet TrackR Bravo, an inexpensive, coin-sized tracking device that you can easilyattach to any item that you want to track via your own Smartphone.

For only $38 (AUD) it will give you the piece of mind that you deserve

Now you can find lost or stolen items in a matter of seconds, thanks to one simple, yet highly powerful app and the pinpoint accuracy of GPS tracking. Simply attach it, and you’re all set.

With Trackr you’ll be able to locate your car by using your smartphone

If an item gets lost or stolen (like a purse, bike, wallet, or even your car), simply turn on the app, and if you’re lost or stolen item comes within 100 feet of one of our tens of thousands of other tracker users phones, you’ll receive a GPS update of where your item is located.

If you’d like to see all the amazing capabilities of TrackR Bravo, or would like to see it in action for yourself, please be sure to visit the official site for more information.

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