Iceland’s Buubble Hotel Has Not Just 5, But 5 Million Stars

According to Dwell, the self-proclaimed “5-million star hotel” is situated in a forest a couple of hours outside of Reykjavik and consists of five transparent bubble units. The bubbles are constructed from low-flammable plastic and a metal frame for structural support. While the bubbles don’t contain WiFi, each one is equipped with a lamp, bedding and a noiseless ventilation system that keeps the bubbles inflated, prevents humidity inside and provides plenty of heat to stave off the chill of winter. Although the transparent shell allows for unobstructed views, each bubble is surrounded by trees, ensuring maximum guest privacy. Also, the location of the bubbles is kept secret until after guests book a stay.

The larger units – named Una, Asta and Thorunn – contain double beds that sleep two adults and a child, while the smaller bubbles – Valdis and Maria – contain a single round bed that sleeps two. The self-service kitchen, restroom and showers are all located in a separate shared service house. Traditional hotel amenities like food, drink and toiletries are not included in the price, so guests are advised to bring their own to both the bubble and the tour.

During the daytime, the transparent membrane offers views of the surrounding forest. When the sun sets, the bubble resembles a glowing orb in the woods, providing a cozy, ringside seat to the stunning display of the stars and the Northern Lights. Additionally, Buubble gives guests an opportunity to book the Golden Circle Tour, which explores the Geysir hot springs, Gullfoss waterfall, Thingvellir National Park and the Secret Lagoon.

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