Guess the Decade: Small Space Hotel Style – The Answer

So, did you make a guess as to the era of this wonderfully space-age compact hotel room? The majority of the design detectives got it right this time around…

…when they guessed the 70s – it is from 1975 and is a room in a capsule hotel (The BC25) in Tokyo, Japan. 130 readers hit it right on the nose (the electronics were the big giveaway for this design savvy bunch), with the 80s and 60s pretty evenly split with 55 and 51 votes, respectively. A few people (6) guessed the 50s and the 90s got a single vote. The 40s and Now both stayed at zero.

Some interesting comments from the original post:

  • The consumer grade calculator is the best indicator that it’s from the 1970s. This was the macbook air of its time. – JoeyBrill
  • Looks like early 80s late 70s, it has a very space 2001 look to it. The use of white and neutral colours in the decor makes me want to lean towards the 80s but not completely out of the 70s yet as we see the orange tint to the windows on the door. – SJwashere
  • If that’s a smoke detector then it’s not the 60’s, plus the calculator is sooooo 70’s – they were crazy popular. The oatmeal colored fabrics makes me think it’s not the 80’s. – cleanlines
  • So that’s what happened to my TV that I donated to Goodwill…definitely 70’s. – alexis
  • my dad was into techie stuff… he loved his pocket calculator circa 1975-ish? Maybe 1976…When we moved into our new home, we had all of the posh 1975 amenities… including all push-button phones. However, many of our neighbors still had rotaries well into the late 70’s. – modern on long island
  • I immediately thought “it’s either Space 1999 or Earth 1970” – idon’tdobeige
  • When I first looked at this, I thought the tv was a microwave! – Pixie

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