Curvilux Smart nightstand. Bluetooth connected

Posted on August 09, 2017.

We believe in a home that serves you and that help you make the most out of it spaces and furniture. Because of this, we created a line of connected furniture to improve your home experience.

The Cuvilux smart nightstand will add comfort, security, and style to your bedroom thanks to its modern and dual design, stand it on its legs or hang it on the wall.

-Free yourself of cables and charges clutter
Keep your devices fully charged even if you left the chargers at work. Charge up to three devices simultaneously wirelessly or via USB.

-Always wake up on time and full of energy
Tune the integrated sunrise alarm to your sleeping cycles, and wake up full of energy, always on time!

-Did you know can also listen to your favorite music at any time?
Back from work or ready to sleep, play your favorite chill playlist in your room right into your Curvilux nightstand.

-Keeping private what is private.
The drawer protects your most valuable belongings with a digital lock under a password. Manage it from the app to ensure only you can access your stuff.

-Control everything from your smartphone
Dedicated mobile app for iOS & Android to allow you manage the lights, set the alarm and wake up revitalized. Simply connect your smartphone approaching it to the NFC area.

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