Bringing Hotel Style Home: Blakes Hotel, London

Blakes Hotel in London was one of the first boutique hotels and if you like the style but can’t get to London, you can recreate this look in your own home. The billowing curtains, white linens and white floors are a classic look for a warm weather home, a look which seems especially cool and inviting in the midst of this heat wave.

  • Start With The Floors: You can paint your floors white or pickle them but if you want to do it the way the Swedes do, try Swedish Floor soap white. Used to clean pine floors, it turns them that fresh, scrubbed, soft white color we love.
  • Then The Bed: We love white sheets. Usually we go for sateen sheets made of Egyptian cotton. But if it’s really hot, nothing’s better than linen sheets. Not only do they get softer with each wash, they keep you cooler in the summer than cotton bedding.
  • Don’t Forget About Seating: It’s nice to have a place to sit and put your shoes on that isn’t your bed. We like this chair and this chair from IKEA. And, if you’re looking for someplace to set down your morning coffee while you’re getting dressed, a bench can double as a coffee table. We’d add a tray for a touch of luxury.
  • Add Some Storage: We love bone inlay furniture. Made in India, it adds a touch of the exotic to your room. Here’s one we found, but any exotic chest will do.

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