Boutique Hotel Style for Renters: White Bedrooms

We get the attraction of staying in a room that is as clean and as fresh as possible when traveling. There is a quick rush instant relief upon entering a hotel room that appears immaculate. For this reason, designers of boutique hotels have been going in the bright white direction and it is a look worth considering at home.

Especially for renters whose landlords go the all white route (and don’t allow painting), the way that these design centric hotels have embraced their white walls could prove inspirational.

Shown above, left to right:

1. An amazing example of how going with even MORE white can make what seems like a minus turn into a big design plus. By going with all white furniture and bedding with just a few items in color, those colors that are included take on power. W@ love that olive green blanket in the field of white. This room is in England, at the High Road House in London.

2. Use white as a field to temper the use of a mix of brights. It would be really tough to introduce these intense pink, orange and greens easily into a room that also had strong color on the walls. This room is in Greece, at the Fresh Hotel in Athens.

3. Simple shapes are accentuated in an all white space. By keeping the palette very white, these simple cubes, cylinders, unfrilly windows and low sofa all start to function visually as geometric forms and the basic boxy room gets a bit of architectural interest. This room is in the United States. at the The Townhouse Hotelin South Beach.

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