6 Eat-In Kitchens that Won’t Make you Miss Your Formal Dining Room

Whether you live in a mansion or a Sprinter van, implementing a good space-efficient solution is always a satisfying feat. If you can stand giving up your Great Gatsby dreams of putting all the leaves in your dining table and throwing elaborate dinner parties, an eat-in kitchen nook should provide more than enough space for your regular eating activities. These cozy eat-in kitchens nail multi-purposing and are worthy of trading even the most elite guest list for quaint daily breakfasts. (You know you want to wake up and have a croissant in the space above from Small Space Design Ideas via Stadshem, don’t you?)

(Image credit: Stephen Kent Johnson)

In this kitchen round tables are the least awkward shape when it comes to filling in a space in which all surrounding areas must be accessible. Albeit small, this 1850s home’s kitchen space from Country Living feels light and airy, just like those croissants that you’ll soon be enjoying in your very own breakfast nook.

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

This is the kitchen in food stylist and blogger Kim Mahair’s charming petite West Hollywood studio. Window space is prime real estate for a good eat-in kitchen table, making tight quarters feel larger and more open. A tiny table for just one or two, like Kim’s thrifted drop-leaf bistro, can easily be fit into most kitchen spaces.

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

This eating space was carved out in an artist’s bold black and white Hollywood studio loft. Homeowner Kristy chose to place her petite round dining table in her kitchen, with a balcony serving as an extension to the small kitchen space. Outfitting her compact room in simplified black and white garb helps keep this cozy corner from feeling visually cluttered.

(Image credit: Fantastic Frank)

The kitchen in this Stockholm apartment from Fantastic Frank demonstrates the space saving genius of a built-in bench. Using a bench against an open wall as one side of your dining nook eliminates the need for additional space to push chairs in an out. Bonus: additional storage can be added underneath the seat to optimize your multi-purpose driven life.

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

This charming Parisian kitchen takes advantage of an awkward blank wall and a drop-leaf table to create the perfect little dining spot. Drop leaf tables are great for small kitchen nooks, as they can be pushed up against a wall to save space, or pulled out and opened up to accommodate a few more diners (and feed your inner Gatsby).

(Image credit: Martin Tessler)

This sunny kitchen corner seen on Western Living not only takes advantage of all of the best savvy space secrets above (round table, bench storage and window real estate), but it also teaches us that living in the middle of a gorgeous green meadow in the Alberta foothills will probably solve all of our dining and non-dining-related problems.

As always, every space is unique, so embrace what you call home and be creative when you strategize your ultimate eat-in kitchen. Also, if small space solutions are your jam, there’s so much more where this came from in our Small Spaces section!

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